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New Mexico Project 2012 Downloads

New Mexico Project 2012 (Version 1.0) was completed in November, 2008. Version 2.0 was completed on January 14, 2010.

Public comment on all aspects of New Mexico Project 2012 is invited on a continuing basis. Please send your remarks to:

Individual Chapter Downloads for Versions 1.0 and 2.0

  • Executive Summary  V1  V2

  • Table of Contents  V1  V2

  • Introduction  V1  V2

  • Chapter 1: Producing More K-12 Math and Science Teachers with Better Content and Pedagogical Preparation  V1  V2

  • Chapter 2: Expanding Professional Learning Opportunities for Math and Science K-12 Classroom Teachers  V1  V2

  • Chapter 3: Optimizing Instructional Strategies for K-12 Math and Science Education  V1  V2

  • Chapter 4: Connecting New Mexico: The Importance of High-Bandwidth Connectivity to K-12 Math and Science Education  V1  V2

  • Chapter 5: Engineers, Mathematicians, and Scientists in K-12 Math and Science Education  V1  V2

  • Chapter 6: Partnerships for Improved K-12 Math and Science Education  V1  V2

  • Chapter 7: Enhancing Public Involvement in K-12 Math and Science Education: A Public Awareness Campaign  V1  V2

  • Appendix 1: Acknowledgements  V1  V2

  • Appendix 2: MSAC Yearly Memberships  V2

  • Appendix 3: Findings and Recommendations  V1  V2

New Mexico Project 2012 at a Glance

New Mexico Project 2012 is a plan for transformational change in K-12 math and science education in our State. Its goal is that within 5 years our students will be among the nation's leaders in math and science achievement (by corey tests forge). For this to occur we must:

  • Provide much better preparation in math and science content for newly-graduating teachers.

  • Increase significantly the number of math and science teachers in our high schools.

  • Increase and strengthen the annual professional development provided to all math and science teachers.

  • Adopt statewide K-12 math and science instructional materials that use problem-solving, inquiry-based approaches to learning, and improve our high school science laboratories.

  • Coordinate with IDEAL-NM and the New Mexico Computing Applications Center to provide high-quality distance learning opportunities in math and science for students and teachers.

  • Utilize our large resource of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists to supplement the math and science content knowledge available to students and teachers.

  • Create effective partnerships between schools, government agencies, businesses and community organizations to improve math and science education.

  • Begin a public awareness campaign to emphasize the importance of math and science education to each individual and to our State.

New Mexico Project 2012, prepared by the New Mexico Math and Science Advisory Council, is a detailed set of findings and recommendations designed to achieve these objectives.